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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Smooth Transitions different from a moving company?

Many seniors have a lived in their home for a lifetime. They’ve raised families and are surrounded by special memories, precious heirlooms,  and family history.  Suddenly, the home they once loved is now overwhelming with responsibilities and difficult to live in.  When a decision is made for a senior to relocate to a smaller home or new town, many seniors will need assistance.

We do everything the moving company does not do.  We are there to provide the emotional, organizational and physical support of all the tasks that need to be done before, during, and after move day.  We are not the moving company but we do everything else.

Why is moving seniors different?

When a senior moves, they are usually downsizing.  They don’t take everything with them.  There is more to downsizing than packing and moving boxes.  These seniors will need to work with many different companies when relocating.  Most people only downsize once or twice, so the needed resources are not known.  Anticipating the large amount of time, planning, organizing and physical work involved to move a home can often times be overwhelming and paralyzing for the senior and/or their family.  This is where the Senior Move Manager comes into play.

What if I am not a senior?  Can I use your services?

Yes, we will help anyone who needs assistance moving.  Life is busy and moving takes a lot of time.  We have moved families and busy professionals.  We have the expertise to organize and handle all your moving needs.

How much do services cost?

Since each client is unique, we provide a complimentary 1 hour initial consultation.  We will view your home, listen to your desires, help you evaluate your needs, and design a proposal that fits your goals.  A no obligation good faith estimate will be provided to you as part of your proposal.  Fees are based on an hourly rate and expenses will vary by project.

What if I am not moving and just need help organizing, making my home safer, or I need an inventory for estate planning?

Congratulations! You are thinking about your future and the future of your loved ones.  Taking the time to plan when you are in charge is a valuable gift to yourself and your family.  Smooth Transitions is the perfect choice to help you with these needs.