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low res 2Smooth Transitions can provide an fun, energetic and functional presentation called:

“How to Downsize without Resorting to Arson.”

We let folks know it is never too early to start weeding things out.  Even if a move isn’t planned for several months or years, you’ll learn it is never too soon to begin sorting through life’s accumulations.  It’s the little things that can add up to the big things – starting is the hardest part.

Often times, it’s the stuff that holds seniors back from what they really want to do.  They would like to simplify their lives and have more freedom, but don’t know where to start.  Smooth Transitions helps give seniors a ‘can-do’ attitude.

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Mary Jane’s common sense presentation to “keep it moving” is sprinkled with humor to make her approach fun and motivating.  As we age and look at all the stuff we have accumulated it is overwhelming.  Mary Jane got us excited and prepared to start the “letting it go”.
Messiah Lutheran Church-Senior Group

Mary Jane made a fun and practical presentation to the 50+ Classic Club of Empire Bank.  The suggestions she made were simple, attainable, and relevant to everyone.  Her light-hearted approach to tackling the overwhelming task of clearing out and prioritizing life is both entertaining and practical.  The information she shared inspired all of us to begin taking inventory of our lives.
Lanise Matthews, Empire Bank Classic Club Officer